Lakeside Primary School

Supporting Your Y6 Child at Home

The most purposeful way of supporting your child at home would be to read with them as often as you can. This will mostly take the form of reading their school book with them, but does not have to be limited to this. Sharing a novel that you have at home is also a great way of developing that love of reading.  


Weekly Spellings:

Throughout the year, the weekly spelling lists will be shared on this page for your child to access at home.

Week Beginning 25.9.23

List A List B
fall aggressive
messy attached
puppies communicate
different different
disappear disappear
puddle excellent
smell immediate
happy occupy
possible possible
better recommend


Online Resources

Below are a list of websites that might be useful in supporting your child at home. These could be accessed at anytime throughout the year but should be seen as additional homework. 



Times Tables Rock Stars : 

Shikaku Madness: 

Maths Chase: 

YouCubed Parent Resources:

Khan Academy:




Read Theory: 

Education City: 

The Reader Teacher (Recommended reads)



During the Autumn term, if your child would like to read more around our topic, they could explore these sites: