Lakeside Primary School

Our PROUD Values

We are PROUD to be a part of the Lakeside community.

A strong set of school values provide a foundation on which every child can build a successful school day, school week, school year and even school career.  Values provide pupils with a sense of what is right and what is wrong and they can absolutely help shape a person’s mindset and behaviours over a lifetime.

Our values underpin all elements of life in our school. Children are celebrated for demonstrating our values and, over time, they become intrinsic motivators for all children to achieve their very best.



The values themselves are centred on the word PROUD.  For us to be the most successful school we can be, we want to support everyone connected with the Lakeside community to be proud of themselves, proud of the school and proud of the community they are part of. 

The children at Lakeside talk daily about the importance of their values—they encourage each other to demonstrate them and even hold one another to account for them.  We strongly believe that by embedding these core values in the pupils of Lakeside, we are helping create children who are not just ready to learn in the here and now, but young people who will go on to become successful, well-rounded adults.