Lakeside Primary School


The National Curriculum for History Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

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At Lakeside, we intend for our children to be inquisitive historians. Children will have a love for history and will be enthused and curious about lessons. They will leave our school being articulate and curious historians. All children will have a significant pupil voice and have the ability to discuss, question and recall information at an age-appropriate level. They will use topic specific vocabulary and will challenging their own opinions, peers and answer questions that they have previously asked. 

Our history curriculum is informed by the National Curriculum and probes the children to think critically and explore a range of historical skills progressively and frequently. Skills such as: chronology, asking and answering perceptive questions, use of primary and secondary resources and understanding cause and consequence will be taught across the year and revisited. It is important for children’s learning to be relevant to them and this is enabled by a school wide thematic approach. There is progression across both the year group and the school. 

Teachers across the school will use SLICED to base each of their lessons on. This will enable children to gain and deploy a historically grounded understanding of abstract terms such as ‘empire’, ‘civilisation’, ‘democracy’ and ‘legacy’. They will also use key significant individuals, artefacts and enquiry to bring their topics to life.