Lakeside Primary School


Our curriculum is rooted in the development of the necessary building blocks (components) to develop a rich body of knowledge which can be used to complete more complex tasks and problems. It will also equip pupils with the necessary characteristics to take advantage of opportunities in later life – creativity, curiosity, problem-solving, independence, resilience, reflection, imagination, questioning, communicating and debating.

Our curriculum will enable pupils to pose and answer ‘deep’ questions and draw links across time, place and context. They will be encouraged to consider, weigh up evidence and adapt learning to be wise, not just well-informed.

Specific end points (composites) enable all pupils an opportunity to demonstrate and apply their knowledge at the end of a planned sequence of work in a real and meaningful way.


 Over the course of the year, the children will encounter three core questions:

1. Who Am I? (Pupils are encouraged to develop an understanding of themselves, their beliefs, their qualities and begin to compare these to a different context e.g. Year 6 pupils gaining an understanding of what life is like to be a child in modern Britain and then comparing themselves to an evacuee during World War II)
2. Where Am I? (Pupils build on their understanding of themselves and use this to develop an understanding of the place in which they live – their local community, their country, the world in which they are part of)

3. Where Am I Going? (Pupils build on their understanding of themselves, their local environment and use this to develop an understanding of next steps – both for themselves in terms of moving on to a new chapter in their lives but also in terms of exploration and the future)